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APF Pro for Livestock

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APF Pro has become the most trusted natural herbal supplement for the world's best horses and dogs. Now it is available for your best livestock.

APF Pro combines the proven nutritional technology of the original APF (Advanced Protection Formula) with the muscle-building power of 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E). 20E is a safe and natural plant extract found in Rhaponticum carthamoides. 20E is one of the most widely researched nutrients used by top athletes and body builders for its remarkable ability to safely increase lean muscle mass during strength training. None of the adverse effects of anabolic steriods are found with 20E.

APF Pro is unequalled in its protection of both the immune system and cellular metabolism. APF Pro gives your animal the most effective nutritional support for stress available.

Winning Market Lamb
Hailey Traynham with her Champion Market Steer

Hailey Traynham with her Champion Market Steer
  • The first professional strength natural herbal supplement formulated to meet the special demands of competitive pedigreed livestock.
  • Provides proven immune support.
  • Supports rapid recovery from illness or injury.
  • Protects against potentially harmful effects of stress associated with handling, hauling, and showing.
  • Encourages water and feed consumption.
  • Improves stamina.
  • Provides superior skin and coat condition.
  • Intended for cattle, swine, sheep and goats.


APF Pro for Livestock Animals

We had just brought two full sibs into our show barn when I received APF Pro to try. As a test, I started feeding APF Pro to one heifer and not the other. They were pretty evenly matched when they arrived, but within a month the heifer on APF Pro had clearly surpassed her full sister. Enough so that visitors commented on the marked difference. I then started feeding APF Pro to both heifers and in 4 weeks the heifer that was behind had caught up with as much bloom as her sister. We also fed APF Pro to our steer that was shown continuously. He stayed extremely sound, maintained a healthy hair coat, and was never sick while traveling throughout the year from January through August."


- Jamie Traynham
Traynham Ranches


Eleutherococcus senticosus,Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis, Aralia mandschurica, Rhaponticum carthamoides in a water-alcohol extract

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