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APF Pro SportExperience a new level of wellness

Life is coming at you fast.

Meet it head-on with APF Pro Sport.

APF Pro Sport is a completely new alternative to the highly advertised and widely available caffeinated energy drinks. Caffeine and other central nervous system stimulants cause the body to discharge energy in a burst. This can quickly exhaust your body's energy resources and leave you flat in a matter of hours.

Unlike the quick rush you get from caffeinated energy drinks, APF Pro Sport is based on the science of unique herbs called adaptogens. Adaptogens actually give your body better access to your own energy!

APF Pro Sport works with your body's own energy pathways to facilitate proper uptake and utilization of glucose, aid in the conversion of glucose to ATP, and clean up the toxic by-products of energy production in the cell.

You get the sustained, balanced, feel-good energy of your youth.

APF Pro Sport delivers...
It's your supplement

At Auburn Laboratories, Inc., we know you are an individual. And we know that your stress levels -- physical, mental, environmental -- are as individual as you are.

So APF Pro Sport is formulated as a concentrated water-alcohol tincture that allows you the flexibility to personalize your daily serving to your life...because sometimes life is a day at the beach...and sometimes it is a grueling 24 hour stretch that tests your endurance. With APF Pro Sport you can adjust your serving to fit your day.

Besides, we knew that you didn't want or need sugary drinks, or ones that are artifically sweetened and loaded with chemicals, to get your game on. If you're a health nut, like we are, you want only the good stuff.

But if you want to put it in your smoothies, organic juice, or just dilute it in fresh water -- go for it! Some of the best juice drinks to use, in our opinion, are:

One of our favorite combos is apple juice and lemonade, with just a touch of orange juice. Add your serving of APF Pro Sport! Delicious!

Let us know how you like your APF Pro Sport! Visit us on Facebook or, if you're a person of few words, tweet us your thoughts!

Look good...feel better!

Product Ingredients

Eleutherococcus senticosus
Rhodiola rosea
Schizandra chinensis
Aralia mandschurica
Rhaponticum carthamoides

In a water-alcohol extract

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